Complete Dossiers. From initial conception through to delivery of the completed dossiers and application forms, we will manage each and every stage of the application process on your behalf. We offer practical advice and solutions throughout the deign process, working closely with you to help you achieve the result you want. We will be happy to act as your representative when submitting your application and liaising with the DDT or other relevant bodies.

Plans & Elevations. The drawings that will form core of your application will be the Plan de Masse, Coupe de Terrain and the Plan des Façades et des Toitures. A set of accurate, concise and informative documents is not only essential for your application, but will also create a solid starting point for future work.

Photo Realisations. We specialise in producing high quality computer generated images to create a detailed and realistic representation of your project and how it will appear within its surroundings.

Etude Thermique. If your project requires an Etude Thermique we can supply all the necessary drawings, plans and details required for the study. We can also complete the process by liaising with you to collate the relevant information and making the application on your behalf.

Floor plans. A detailed web friendly set of floor plans has become a standard expectation for people looking to purchase houses via the internet. Floor plans remain the most effective way to communicate the details of a property to prospective purchasers. Our floor plans are downloadable, printable, they can be magnified on screen with no loss of quality and are optimized for viewing on both pc’s and handheld devices

All of our drawings are completed in accordance to the specifications set out by the relevant planning authorities. Each is fully labelled, dimensioned and accurate to the correct scale. Each can be supplied in a variety of physical and digital formats to best suit your requirements.

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