Floor plans

We specialise in creating accurate, informative drawings, plans, facades and photo realisations, which are both printable and web friendly.

Our floor plans service is designed to help estate agents, their clients and prospective purchasers by offering a clear and concise representation of the layout of a property. The use of floor plans has become increasingly popular as the majority of buyers now look to the Internet to research choices for their new home. The need for comprehensive information becomes even more important when dealing with customers from abroad, where time with the client is often limited.

 “A recent survey of consumers showed that 79 per cent of home sellers believe that professionally produced details will help them to sell their home faster and 78 per cent of buyers think floor plans are essential before looking at a property. In a separate survey, agents who use floor plans also reported 26 per cent higher commission levels than those who weren’t using them.” – Estate Agency News.

The online service offers exceptional value for money yet produces highly professional results. With this you provide the dimensions and a simple sketch, showing the essentials such as doors, windows and permanent fixture and fittings. This is then scanned by you and emailed to us; from this a set of drawings are made. These are returned to you as a set of PDF documents, which are printable, viewable and expandable on a computer or tablet screen and yet are small enough to be emailed efficiently. This service is ideally suited to properties where the layout is ‘regular and rectangular’ with little or no complicated geometry so that an accurate representation may be achieved from a simple sketch and basic dimensions.

The onsite service is tailored for larger, more complex properties where room dimensions and property layout are less regular and therefore the task of creating an accurate representation more difficult. Here we complete the measuring process; we then produce the documents for you and your clients. This service will generally create a far more detailed representation and is ideally suited to higher value properties.

Drawings can be customized to contain your logo and details and can be supplied in a variety of file formats and sizes depending on your requirements.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the working methods further then please do not hesitate to contact us.